Treatment Pad was founded in July 2019 after lead researcher Dr Nora found a gap in the market for accurate and timely before and after photography.


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How the technology works

Taking Before and After Photos

Before a photograph is taken, computer vision algorithms run alongside the camera input to direct the user to take the perfect angles and positioned photos. This includes calculating the orientation of the model and ensuring that the field of view is respected to avoid narrow or wide results.


Generating Before and After Photos

After photographs are taken, computer vision algorithms run to identify facial features and align the photos based on these features. This allows for near instant adjustment of photographs to generate before and after photos which can be instantly templated and ready to show to the patient or post on social media.


Cataloging Before and After Photos

Albums of photographs can be important and instantly catalogued based on the detected orientations and photograph timestamps. This can be used to compile a series of before and after photographs per patient or treatment.


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