What’s New (v1.0.3)

We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks to bring you version 1.0.3. In this version our primary focus was to stabilise the features of our previous release.

Higher Resolution Exports

Previously the images exported were based on the resolution of the devices being used. However in this version, we have fixed the export size to 2k, which is the highest resolution publishable to Instagram.

Quick Save

During field trials we noticed that showing the patient the results as quickly as possible was being held back by constantly having to switch over to the next screen, hit save, then back, selecting a different angle, and repeat. So as a stop gap between our results gallery view feature, we have added a Quick Save button on the main layout screen, allowing you to save out all the angles, before showing the results to your patients.

Linked Views


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You should find that in this release the linked view button locks the views together more accurately.

Image Detection

When using the face detect button, we now prioritise focusing in on the largest face. In future we plan on letting you cycle through the faces detected.

Gallery Updates

Photos in the gallery are now automatically updated during the application’s lifecycle. So if you launch the camera app, then jump back into the app, you should see your newly taken photo without having to force close the app and relaunch.

In the Next Version

Due to popular demand for the next version we are currently prioritising the addition of a horizontal layout. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the priority we give to any particular features, please let us know.


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