Live Angle Detection (v1.3.4)

AI Camera Angle Detection

In version 1.3.4 of Treatment Pad, we’ve introduced live angle detection to the AI Camera, to allow you to see the current angle of the face in the Y and Z axis. This will help you to take more precisely angled shots and more importantly better match the before and after angles.


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When you launch the AI camera, the detected orientation now automatically displays on the selected before photograph as well as updates live on the current in progress camera feed.

Larger Thumbnails

By popular request we’ve also increased the size of the photo gallery display to help you more clearly see which photograph to select in the main panes.

Media Features

Recently Australia’s number one aesthetics publication ran an article on Treatment Pad which you can read here:
We also followed Aesthetics Trainer Dr Nora use Treatment Pad during one of her aesthetic training courses, and you can watch the video here:

Would You Like to Be Featured?

Soon we’ll be adding in a showcase section to our website, featuring clinics that use Treatment Pad in their practice. If you’d like to be listed in that section (for free) please get in touch.

In the Next Version

We’ll be continuing to improve the AI camera to add in the X axis orientation and automatically start taking the best photographs for you. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the priority we give to any particular features, please let us know.

Hope you all have a happy Christmas, Holidays and New Year.

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