Continuous Face Detection and Share Options (v1.3.6)

New Share Options

In version 1.3.6 of Treatment Pad, we’ve improved our face detection algorithm and introduced a new share icon on the top right to allow for exporting the layout as individually cropped images.


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This not only allows you to use these centered and cropped images in other apps, but also allows us to work on adding automatic video transitions and animations. Stay tuned.

Continuous Face Detection

We’ve improved our face detection algorithm to be continuously run on all photos automatically when toggled. This reduces the number of taps required to get quick before and after layouts to show patients in practice.

AI Camera Improvements

The icon for the AI camera has now been moved to the center of the page, and we’ve improved the display of the reference image to vertically match the height of the camera preview display. This allows you to visually match the size of the photograph to be taken more accurately.

Would You Like to Be Featured?

Soon we’ll be adding in a showcase section to our website, featuring clinics that use Treatment Pad in their practice. If you’d like to be listed in that section (for free) please get in touch.

In the Next Version

We’re currently working on adding video animations as a share option, as well as improving the orientation detection work built into our camera, and angle filters for the photo gallery view.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the priority we give to any particular features, please let us know.

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