Face Orientation Filter (v1.4.0)

Face Orientation Filter

In version 1.4.0 of Treatment Pad, we’ve introduced a new settings menu to allow you to quickly filter your gallery photographs based on the detected face orientation.

This not only allows you to more easily find pairs of photographs for layout creation, but will be the basis for future work for our algorithms to auto-suggest pairs of photographs from recent treatments for automatic layout generation. Stay tuned.

Beauty & Spa Insiders

Our lead researcher Dr Nora will be speaking at the upcoming leading summit for salon, spa and clinic professionals in Sydney on May 25th. With her session focusing on how Treatment Pad technology aims to simplify, multiply and raise profits. For more information visit: beautyandspainsiders.com.au

Would You Like to Be Featured?

Soon we’ll be adding in a showcase section to our website, featuring clinics that use Treatment Pad in their practice. If you’d like to be listed in that section (for free) please get in touch.

In the Next Version

We aim to finalise the work for generating video animations from the selected before and after photographs, and introduce branding export templates.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the priority we give to any particular features, please let us know.

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