Custom Branding Editor (v1.6.0)

New Template Editor

In version 1.6.0 of Treatment Pad, we’ve added the first iteration of our custom branding editor to allow you to quickly get your layouts Instagram ready.


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The new template editor can be accessed via the share menu and the custom branding you create can be toggled on and off using the branding icon. More editing tools will be coming soon, including inserting images and drawings. Suggestions are also welcome.

Beauty & Spa Insiders

Our lead researcher, Dr Nora, spoke in Sydney at the leading summit for salon, spa and clinic professionals last month. If you’d like to find out how Treatment Pad has helped her optimise her patient workflows, you can watch her presentation.

Would You Like to Be Featured?

Soon we’ll be adding in a showcase section to our website, featuring clinics that use Treatment Pad in their practice. If you’d like to be listed in that section (for free) please get in touch.

In the Next Version

We’ll be continuing our work towards generating layouts from videos, automatic camera capture and improving patient cataloguing.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the priority we give to any particular features, please let us know.

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