Helping To Create Brand Ambassadors – Cosdoc 2021

Held by the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, CosDoc 2021 was a showcase for respected international and local speakers for new and emerging cosmetic trends. Available for international viewership, the event attracted attendees globally.

Treatment Pad was presented by our clinical lead, Dr Nora who demonstrated that prior to using the application, photo editing was laborious and time consuming, often without a positive satisfactory result with the patient. However, once the application was developed and used, photo editing became more of an enjoyable feat allowing for more time to be spent on the treatment and patient rather than the cumbersome editing of the photographs.

“As patients could clearly see the difference between the photos, they became more on board with the treatment showcasing their faces to their friends, essentially becoming brand ambassadors.”  – Dr Nora.

The application was welcomed by the respective panel members who agreed that photo editing during a consult was, prior to the application, an area that required much time. You can watch the full presentation below.