Standing Out From A Crowd With Cosmetic Photography

Taking a good before and after picture has a great impact on the probability of a patient returning to your clinic. A good picture helps to inspire confidence in patients and also sets a level of understanding to the procedure.

Social media feeds are full of before and after photos, so how do you stand out of a large crowd? By having a great before and after picture. If you showcase your work effectively, not only are you reaching out to those who are interested in a procedure, but you may also gain the viewership of prospective patients who have had your post shared to them by a friend.

“As a result of the technology in the app, my patients are happier, my growth has increased, my social media feed is consistent satisfying any guidelines and I now use less time editing my photographs.” – Dr Nora.

Dr Nora gives more of her tips about using Treatment Pad in clinic to achieve maximum reaching power to cosmetic patients here.